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It always saddens me to write a review for a game like Krut: the mythical wings. From developers Pixel Perfex and Good Job Multimedia and publisher Blowfish Studios, this is an indie game with plenty of passion evident in its bones. But sadly, that passion doesn’t translate into the technical aspects of the game, making it a side-scroller with very little to offer players.

Krut opens with the story of the avian Garuda people whose homeland of Krut is destroyed by an army of giants. Afterwards, Veera, a wounded warrior from Krut, wakes up on a magical island where he receives the powerful mythic wings to help him fight to save his homeland. On the island, Veera must gain the power of the elements by defeating powerful warriors who live there before trying to retake her homeland.

This sets up the entire story, with almost all of it delivered by an intro cutscene and brief dialogues with the bosses before and after their encounters. These cutscenes give each character a portrait with dialogue appearing between them.

The character portraits are the best part of these segments. Each has interesting details, but they never change. It would have been nice to see the portraits change periodically throughout the dialogue to help show their emotion or highlight crucial moments.

These dialogue scenes are also left behind by the writing. Even with the simplicity with which a story is told, the dialogue is often poor enough that conversations between characters feel incredibly basic. The dialogue often feels more like an outline of the essential information that needed to come out of the conversation, but never got another pass to write actual dialogue to provide that information. This makes the exchange feel like robots reading a document rather than a conversation between characters.

Unfortunately, Krut also disappoints in the gameplay department. Each level is a linear side-scroller divided into three sections. The first section presents the types of enemies you will face in the level until you reach a checkpoint and a miniboss. The second section is more of the same enemies until you reach another checkpoint just before the level’s final boss.

Each of these levels is extremely short, with players able to quickly zip past enemies. Enemies have some variations later in the game, but they never evolve beyond extremely simple enemies. To deal with this, players have regular attacks, special attacks, charge attacks, and dodge. These elements can be combined to perform simple combos and avoid enemy attacks.

Krut Mythical Wings 2

The base of at Krut the combat mechanics are good, but the implementation is generally flawed. For starters, enemies aren’t stunned while the player is hitting them, making it unnecessary to use longer combos in-game as they end in long animations in which the player is vulnerable. The same can be said for the player’s charge attacks, which are then canceled when the player is hit, making using them a waste of time.

Overall, the combat also feels very clunky. Attack liquidations take so long it feels like there’s a lag in everything you’re trying to do, while the enemy AI is so simple it’s easily beaten all the way through of the game once you get used to handling large orders. Each level also feels extremely repetitive as they all have the same setup, the same way to deal with enemies, and the same constant dash to the right.

The only thing that interrupts the flow of levels are their minibosses and level bosses. Unfortunately, these don’t fare any better than the rest of the game. Their movements are so projected that they’re trivial to dodge, while the bosses’ orientation is so lackluster that they often get stuck in the corner. where the player can lament on it without fear.

Players in Krut also have the Majestic Wings, which can be powered up to enter a mode where they can fly freely around the map and launch ranged attacks. For some reason, however, using the mode removes the player’s ability to dodge, making it very easy for bosses to hit the player with rushing attacks later in the game, rendering its use useless later on.

To finish, Krut also has a progression system. During levels, players receive currency each time they kill enemies. These can then be spent first on unlocking checkpoints and then on stat upgrades such as increased attack, critical chance, and longer combos. This idea could be interesting, but the stats are priced so that your progression through the skill tree is fairly linear. Having to buy the checkpoints could also be nice, but they’re so expensive that it robs the player of a lot of progression, and the combat is so boring completing them that I only bought them so I wouldn’t have to repeat sections of gameplay.

I always want to search for smaller titles like this. Indie games are a very important part of the gaming industry, and every developer has to start somewhere. But, with a price tag of only $10, I can’t say that Krut: the mythical wings worth it. Even the time investment to play the game is a deterrent, as it will only remind you that there are better titles you could play instead.

Krut: the mythical wings out July 12, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Krut: the mythical wings



With a price of only $10, I can’t say that Krut: the mythical wings worth it. Even the time investment to play the game is a deterrent, as it will only remind you that there are better titles you could play instead.


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