“The Elder Scrolls VI” should be an Xbox console exclusive… because why shouldn’t it be? – Cinelinx


Phil spencer, the Xbox Manager, had an interview with British GQ where he discussed the Xbox 20th anniversary, the current state of Xbox and where the business is going. The interview was framed around all of the Xbox bets that got them to where they are today.

One bet in particular seemed to attract the attention of many players, that of a buy bet of $ 7.5 billion. Bethesda and how they plan to release their future games. Spencer mentioned how he saw the sequel to Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls VI) being similar to that of Starfield, configuring both to be Xbox exclusives.

“It’s not about punishing another platform, as I fundamentally believe that all platforms can continue to grow,” Spencer told GQ. “But to be on Xbox, I want us to be able to bring the full full package of what we have. And that would be true when I think of Elder Scrolls VI. It would be true when I think of one of our franchises.

Since Microsoft purchased Zenimax / Bethesda to the tune of $ 7.5 billion, gamers have questioned whether or not the highly anticipated future titles will be Xbox exclusives. With Starfield being previously announced as an Xbox console exclusive and today’s quote, all of this guarantees they will.

I feel like I’m writing this for the umpteenth time but it bears repeating, it makes sense for Bethesda games to be Xbox exclusive games. Before you call me an Xbox fan, this came from a guy who doesn’t even own an Xbox console (although I’m still looking for an X series). When you spend $ 7.5 billion on a business and its products, it becomes your product to do what you want with it. Xbox has full rights and SHOULD release games only on its platform (and on PC since they’re all here to do it). Just like Insomnia games should only come out on Playstation consoles because it is Sonyis the prerogative.

The only reason why Death loop released on Playstation consoles and why Ghostwire: Tokyo will come out Playstation consoles is due to a pre-existing agreement that was concluded before Bethesda was bought. All games after that are Xbox to do with them as they please.

So, The Elder Scrolls VI will be a Xbox exclusive console. Starfield will be exclusive to the Xbox console. Red drop will be exclusive to the Xbox console. This is the new normal. It shouldn’t be a question / debate anymore. It is time to adapt accordingly.


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