The Catan Console Edition has been announced for PlayStation and Xbox games


The classic cartoon game Catan came out in 1995 and never left. Its excellent concept continues to be entertaining and several high quality expansions have been made to augment the base formula.

Catan has also seen great success in digital gaming – PC, smartphone, handheld and consoles, and now it’s time to return to its original origins. The Catan Console Edition name indicates that it is a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X title. Natalie Dodd of Dovetail Games says it’s a product of the game:

We have worked closely with Nomad Games and Catan to provide players with an authentic experience that is nothing like the past. We tried to find the small details – like the banner adorning the longest street or the small chimney, where a city is built; Every aspect of the game has been crafted with a meticulous eye on board design. The ability to play locally with friends is a new and exciting addition. Players can track their cards, eliminating the risk of other players seeing your resources. We can’t wait to show this awesome feature to everyone!

The console edition of Catan will be released next year and includes multimedia options for the whole world.

Sounds good to us. Do you like Catan in general, and what do you think of digital board games?


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