The bodybuilding community is in mourning. Mr. Olympia legend Shawn Rhoden died suddenly



The bodybuilding community is in mourning. Mr. Olympia legend Shawn Rhoden died suddenly

Mr. Olympia icon Shawn Rhoden died of a fatal heart attack on Saturday, November 6 at the age of 46.

Mr. Olympia icon Shawn Rhoden died on Saturday November 6 at the age of 46 from a fatal heart attack, shocking the bodybuilding fraternity. Shawn Rhoden’s coach Chris Aceto has verified the terrible news. After the news of Rhoden’s death was announced, tributes poured into social media, with many users questioning the bodybuilding industry’s desire for “perfection”.

Active members of the bodybuilding community, who still mourn the deaths of such luminaries as George Peterson, Andy Haman and John Meadows earlier this year, have taken to social media to express their feelings about the end of an era.

Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan shared a photo of himself and Shawn Rhoden on Instagram, with only a tag on Mr. Olympia 2018 account in the caption. Jeremy Potvin, an IFBB Pro and four-time Olympian, wrote a touching comment that read: I will miss you, brother.

Meanwhile, James ‘Flex’ Lewis, the winner of seven consecutive 212 Mr Olympia titles, took to Instagram to recall their 3-week road trip and explain that the two are planning to meet on the day of Rhoden’s death. Flex Lewis also expressed his displeasure with some Internet users who have speculated on the cause of death of the icon of Mr. Olympia. Flex Lewis, on the other hand, believes that athletes and bodybuilders should undergo frequent health check-ups and take preventative measures when necessary. “Something has to be done,” said the Welsh bodybuilder, adding that frequent health monitoring can save not only Shawn Rhoden’s life, but others as well.

Shawn Rhoden recently commented on Instagram, brick by brick and the patience it will take. We meet on the other side. Fans and friends were touched by the last comments from the Mr. Olympia legend, which turned frightening in retrospect.

As you may remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous bodybuilder and actor, recently expressed his concern over the growing number of deaths in the bodybuilding world. He advocated for additional testing or the promotion of smaller competitive divisions as a safer option.

Shawn Rhoden, who started bodybuilding in the 1990s, had a tough road ahead of him. After the death of his father Lloyd in 2002, the superstar struggled with health and personal issues, including a period of alcohol abuse. In 2011, Shawn Rhoden entered the Mr Olympia competition again, finishing 11th. Rhoden, who has 27 professional titles to his name, made history in 2018 when he became the oldest contender to win the Mr Olympia title, at 43 years and five months old. Shawn Rhoden was charged with rape, object rape and sexual assault in Utah in July 2019, resulting in his final exclusion from the Mr. Olympia competition.



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