The best Xbox games for the family

These two are inseparable for us. Overcooked: All You Can Eat takes four of you into the kitchen to chop, cook, fry and serve delicious meals to unseen gourmet mouths. The genius of Overcooked lies in its absolute panic-inducing time limits. The burgers must be prepared, the pasta cooked, the salad sorted, the plates washed and the final dishes at the door with a limit so strict that it causes absolute carnage. So you and the kitchen team need to be organized and diligent. It never happens. You always set the meat on fire. Your cousin always throws a lettuce in the trash can across the room. Your sister always bangs one of the other chefs in the water while they’re carrying a full meal. It’s the rotisserie of fun Overcooked gifts for you, and boy, you can’t escape its stressful joys.

Overcooked! all you can eat

Overcooked, overcooked! 2 and all additional content are shuffled and rebuilt from the ground up in crisp 4K and 60fps in this delightful Definitive Edition. Enjoy over 200 levels including a new exclusive adventure; The little hollow rises!

Moving Out is the perfect pairing with Overcooked. In the first, you’re tied to the kitchen, and in the second, you have a house to roam. Items to store in the back of a truck are everywhere. Some are massive, requiring a bit of creative thinking. Some are tricky, requiring gentle throwing and catching. With that familiar four-player co-op, chaotic action, and wildly different ideas about acceptable ways to deal with furniture, Moving Out will have the whole family talking.

To move out

To move out

Moving Out is a ridiculous physics-based moving simulator that gives “couch co-op” a whole new meaning!

Get ready for an exciting career in furniture! As a Certified Furniture Fit and Move Technician, you will perform moves throughout the town of Packmore.


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