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For nearly nine years, GTA online has managed to keep its player base invested in the game. Many players have stuck around because of Rockstar’s constant stream of updates, bringing a slew of new content to the game over the years. For many, the new weapons, vehicles, missions and heists added to GTA online every few months or so, it’s worth checking back on a regular basis. But for some die-hard fans, the new content may only last for a limited time, and once each mission is completed and each vehicle purchased, they’re on their own.


Over the years since its release, fans have become increasingly creative with GTA onlinecharacter creation tools. While the game’s tools aren’t as complex as the most average RPG, that hasn’t stopped some fans from creating some truly impressive characters, drawing inspiration from all corners of popular culture. For those who are starting their GTA online travel to next-gen consoles, these awesome community character creations can spark some inspiration.

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Keanu Reeves (John Wick, Neo and Johnny Silverhand)

GTA Online Johnny Silverhand

With the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTA online released in 2014, many newcomers to the game had a popular movie character from that year in mind when creating their character. Released in October 2014, just a month before GTA onlinethe second version of, John Wick had quite a big impact on popular culture, becoming an immediate hit.

Keanu Reeves’ striking yet simple appearance as John Wick, with his dark gray suit, beard and slicked back hair, became instantly recognizable, lending itself to being the perfect base for many gamers. GTA online characters. All a player needs to do is give their character slicked back black hair, play around with facial features until they resemble Keanu Reeves’ longer face, and go to the clothing store on closer once in the game to buy a gray suit.

Once a player has sorted their Keanu Reeves model, they can then adjust the character’s appearance to suit one of the actor’s most iconic roles. Neo of The matrixis a fairly simple alternative, requiring the player to simply remove the beard, change the hair a bit, and give the character the black cashmere overcoat, along with a charcoal shirt, body armor, and black wraparound goggles.

This Keanu Reeves model can also be used to recreate Cyberpunk 2077it’s Johnny Silverhand. One of the best examples of this is Reddit user SnAk3EyE5’s post to the r/gtaonline subreddit. This community creation is a very impressive translation of Silverhand, with his clothes, tattoos, glasses and hair all appearing very close to his appearance in Cyberpunk 2077.

Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2


Corn The last of us part 2 made some fairly controversial changes, many fans of the game enjoyed the new direction it took, putting the player in the shoes of Ellie for a good portion of the story. With the player taking control of Ellie for around a dozen hours, it’s only natural that her main outfit would become one of the most iconic images in the game, also appearing in most promotional material.

Reddit user Broozyr captured Ellie’s iconic look and did a pretty outstanding job. This community creation manages to nail Ellie’s facial structure, which is no easy task in a game with quite limited creation tools like GTA online. This user also gives Ellie her ponytail haircut, as well as her gray overshirt/t-shirt combo that has become synonymous with the character’s appearance in The last of us part 2.

This creation also has smaller and impressive details that really add to the overall look of the character. For example, Ellie’s jeans are a little ripped, showing that they’ve been worn for a while, and her right arm shows a tattoo. Although this tattoo isn’t the same leafy design, the overall shape and size match up surprisingly well. This user even added a bracelet to Ellie’s arm, signifying the matching bracelets she and Dina wear in-game.

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Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman

GTA Online Saul Goodman

breaking Bad and You better call SaulSaul Goodman may not be the first character players think of creating, but his squalid, lifeless lawyer persona fits right in. GTA onlinethe criminal environment. Thanks to Reddit user NotASynth499, Saul Goodman fans can see how well the character translates to multiplayer gaming.

NotASynth499 did a really impressive job of getting Saul to GTA onlinegiving him pretty much all the iconic clothes he wears during breaking Bad and its previous spin-off. A yellow shirt, plaid tie, and plaid suit capture the character’s look surprisingly well, with his combed hair and Bluetooth headset being the finishing touch that cements this character as Saul Goodman.

Spider-Man characters


After the unprecedented success of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, it seems that the Spider-Man brand is somehow even more popular than it was before. With the comics and movies having a huge cast of characters, ranging from villains to allies, there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from for gamers looking to give their GTA online character a little Marvel makeover.

Reddit user NotASynth499 is back, this time with some of Spider-Man’s most iconic characters. GTA online with impressive detail. One of NotASynth499’s most impressive Spider-Man creations is their take on the iconic villain, The Lizard. A character that is quite difficult to grasp realistically in GTA onlineNotASynth499’s Lizard somehow manages it, wearing a long white coat to represent the character’s lab coat, as well as a dinosaur mask and green gloves.

NotASynth499’s other Spider-Man characters include well-realized Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and Black Cat, each wearing their most recognizable outfits from the amazing spider man, the Raimi Trilogy and the comics respectively. Spidey’s first wrestling costume in 2002 Spider Man also makes an appearance here, as does Peter Parker’s dark grey/black suit from Spiderman 3the infamous dance scene.

grand theft auto online is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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