The Apex Legends Reddit community is furious with the persistent issue on Xbox consoles


The current environment for Apex Legends isn’t very positive, as the streak of issues with the game doesn’t seem to be ending. While matchmaking has the same issues, Xbox gamers face completely different issues.

Since upgrading to next-gen, many players have been facing different issues. Despite Respawn acknowledging the issue on social media, little has been done, much to the chagrin of players.

Apex Legends has grown massively since its introduction to become one of the biggest games right now. However, as good and innovative as the game is, it has its fair share of issues.

The next-gen upgrade has been in the works for a long time, and fans were reasonably happy to have it. However, it also brought its share of problems, some of which turn out to be major obstacles.

Apex Legends Reddit community fed up with lingering issues on Xbox since next-gen upgrade

The original post was mentioned by Reddit user u/alfyhunny, who shared his frustration with the current situation. The player added that although there is a workaround, he rather wants the problem fixed. Although the user made a slight mistake in their post, it’s completely true that Respawn was quite careless in fixing the issue.

Other users have also added their opinion about the problem and what they think is causing the problem. A player added that the major problem is that people spend their money despite different problems. Had they stopped spending time in the game, Respawn would have bothered to fix the issues.

Several players have decided to stop playing Apex Legends until it is fixed. While some chose to do so voluntarily, others were forced to quit the game altogether due to ongoing issues.

Workarounds that were designed by the community also fail most of the time, which caused more problems.

The audio has also been buggy for a while which makes it very difficult. Without effective communication, winning games can become unwinnable.

Some Apex Legends players are being defeated by players from other consoles through no fault of their own.

Some gamers are so frustrated that they want everyone else to just uninstall the game and play something else.

It now remains to be seen when Respawn will manage to fix the issue. The problem for console players isn’t the only one, as matchmaking has been equally problematic. Without a definitive solution, Apex Legends could quickly end up losing a lot of players.

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