TemTem Developers Reveal How Community Feedback Makes Them “Different” From Pokemon


With Temtem landing on the Nintendo Switch, the monster-collecting game’s developers took to Reddit for an AMA where a fan asked how the game differs from Pokemon.

Pokemon is obviously the king of monster collecting games. Entering its ninth generation later this year, there will be over 1,000 different Pokemon for players to collect across a 25-year franchise.

And seeing the success of the Pokemon formula, many developers have tried to emulate what makes Game Freak’s golden child special. And many have failed.

But an indie title continues to linger in the monster-collecting space nearly three years after its launch. Crema’s Temtem is a Pokemon-esque experience that offers a plethora of gear that The Pokemon Company has yet to include in its own titles.


How Temtem differs from Pokemon

Temtem is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on September 6, and Crema developers have decided to host an “Ask Me Anything” forum on the r/NintendoSwitch subreddit. And one of the first questions that pops up on the forum asks, “What makes it different/better than Pokémon?”

Crema started off by stating that he didn’t like using the terminology “better than” or “worse than”, but instead chose to answer what makes Temtem different.

“Different creatures, online, 100% doable in co-op with friends, battle stamina system instead of PP, double battles, no battle RNG, chat, mounts, housing, character customization, community feedback are implemented, and you have direct interaction with the developers.”

Of course, Pokemon fans were interested in the difference in Temtem’s combat and how online play worked, but other fans loved hearing that Crema listens to feedback from its players.

One user praised this point, saying, “Lol community feedback is implemented! A fever dream for Pokémon fans come true. As the Pokemon community tends to be very upfront about what they don’t like about a game, but the comments are rarely heard.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet releasing in November, there are still a few months until its release. If you can’t wait for a new monster collector on the Switch, it might be time to give Crema’s Temtem a try.


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