Stranger Things Custom Xbox Console Looks Amazing


Microsoft is unveiling a custom Stranger Things-themed Xbox Series S console that fans will have the chance to win for themselves.

Netflix’s Biggest Hit Has To Be stranger things. The Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi horror series has broken streaming records, won critical acclaim and launched the careers of some of Hollywood’s brightest new stars. The first part of stranger things Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix, and to celebrate, Microsoft is offering customization Xbox series S show-based consoles.

The stranger things The Xbox console is designed to look like a cassette player from the 1980s that was left in the Upside Down. For those who may be unfamiliar with the series, Upside Down is an alternate dimension that’s home to all sorts of bizarre and dangerous creatures, including the franchise’s iconic Demogorgon. Fittingly, the Xbox Series S console looks like it’s been put through its paces, and it even has tentacles wrapping around it that’s not unlike the tentacles used by Season 4 villain Vecna.


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Another detail that stranger things fans may additionally notice the Vecna ​​tentacles that are on the Xbox Series S console and its controller is a Hellfire Club sticker on top of the console. For those who haven’t watched yet stranger things Season 4, the Hellfire Club is a Dungeons & Dragons local Hawkins High School club. The Hellfire Club plays a key role in the show’s final season, so those who haven’t consumed it yet should check it out for more.

As for the console, it will be offered by Microsoft at some point, although the competition has not started at the time of this writing. The way Microsoft typically gives away custom Xbox consoles is through Twitter, where those who follow the official Xbox account and retweet the right message get entry into the raffle. There’s been at least one case where someone won a custom Xbox console and didn’t claim their prize in time, so anyone who throws their hat in the ring will want to keep an eye on their inbox in the weeks to come. come.

It’s far from the first time stranger things found himself tied to the video game industry. Netflix released stranger things video game adaptations, and the franchise has crossed over with existing video games, like Dead in broad daylight and far cry 6. Given the show’s popularity, it’s highly likely that even more stranger things video game content is on the way.

In fact, a leak suggests that Eleven from stranger things can be added to the list of playable characters in the next MultiVersus fighting game, though that remains to be seen. For the moment, stranger things fans can binge-watch Season 4 and keep an eye out for the launch of the contest for this custom Xbox console.

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