Stores are replacing cooler doors with digital screens and customers hate it


A few popular stores, including Walgreens, have started replacing see-through refrigerator doors with new, high-tech mesh doors. These new doors display what’s inside on a digital screen, similar to an iPad or other tablet, but many customers aren’t too happy with the new doors.

These new screens are from a company called Cooler Screens. The company partnered with Walgreens to implement its idea at many Walgreens locations.

And according to NC, other stores, including Kroger, CVS and Chevron gas stations, have begun testing the screens.

Cooler Screens are a way to introduce a new form of advertising and merchandising to physical stores. Cooler Screens hopes its digital refrigerator doors will help advertisers reach more customers in those stores. But customers seem quite annoyed by these new screens.

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A Twitter user writes:@Walgreens NO ONE needs a TV screen to replace your cooler aisle doors… Stop. While that sounds like a good idea, I can understand why some customers aren’t too excited about Cooler Screens’ new refrigerator doors.

They add a layer of complexity to purchases that customers simply don’t want or need. When we buy something in coolers, it’s nice to be able to see exactly what’s inside.

We don’t want to have to wait for an ad or walk in to find something popping up on the screen, only to find it’s sold out after opening the door.

As consumers, many of us are not big fans of change. Especially when the change doesn’t seem to benefit us all that much.

Chances are that Walgreens and Cooler Screens will continue to implement these digital refrigerator doors, so it will be interesting to see what consumers think of them as they become more popular.

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