STALKER 2 revealed exclusively on the Xbox console


The open-world apocalypse STALKER 2 will be an Xbox console exclusive when it’s ready to stream in 2021 alongside a simultaneous PC release.

As part of today’s Xbox games showcase, HARLER 2 was revealed to be an Xbox console exclusive when it launched in 2021. The post apocalyptic survival game continuation of a series of popular PC titles created by GSC Game World ten years ago. It takes place in the Zone, an area surrounding the Chernobyl Power Plant. In the world of HARLER, the plant experienced a second meltdown in 2006, creating mutated creatures and even deadlier radiation. With the advent of new technologies and the power of the Xbox Series X, HARLER 2 seeks to redefine the original expectations of the original and create something new and exciting.


The series made its PC debut with STALKER: The Shadow of Chernobyl in March 2007. There were two additional games, including STALKER: Clear skies and STALKER: Call of Pripyat, but here we have less full follow-ups and more like side games supporting the initial release. Development of the sequel HARLER has been in the air for years, so having an official trailer is heartening for longtime fans who have been waiting for bits of news from the outskirts of this fictional Chernobyl. The sequel was originally announced back in 2010 and has actually been canceled and resurrected multiple times since then.

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In a post on Xbox thread, GSC Game World PR Specialist Zakhar Bocharov talks more about the upcoming sequel. “With STALKER 2, we’re finally creating what we’ve wanted to do from the very beginning. For the first time in the series, The Zone will be yours to explore as a post-apocalyptic open world – one of the biggest ever. nowadays.” Zakhar promises monsters and factions that are in constant interaction throughout the Zone thanks to an improved version of the developer’s signature A-Life technology.

Everything we share today describes GSC’s biggest game yet. We are absolutely dedicated to this project and we put our hearts and souls into shaping this ultimate HARLER experience.

However, it’s not just about artificial intelligence. Zakhar declares that every part of STALKER 2 will be completely different depending on player decisions. They craft a story with tons of branches and tons of endings, and players will have to make tough choices in order to decide who gets out of the harsh world and who succumbs to the nuclear fallout. Finally, Zakhar states that Xbox Series X is an ideal platform for their ambitions and that they are happy to release the game on Xbox Game Pass when it’s ready.

Considering the franchise’s history is set far from consoles, it’s a smart move to give a fanbase high in other post-apocalyptic adventures a chance to taste the harsh reality of HARLER 2. Its initial trailer is all atmosphere, featuring a lone warrior walking through an amusement park that has seen better days. The decrepit Ferris wheel and wooded thoroughfare hide potential dangers and potential loot, it all depends on exploration. The game promises a unique open-world experience that has yet to be replicated since the franchise’s debut. HARLER 2 will launch on Xbox Series X and PC when ready in 2021.

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Source: Xbox/YouTube, Xbox thread

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