Stacks of PS5 consoles spotted in Walmart stores


PlayStation fans are sharing images of stacks of PlayStation 5 consoles at local Walmart stores as it looks like the supply has vastly improved.

PlayStation fans see more PlayStation 5 stock at various Walmart stores as it appears Sony has significantly improved the offering. Many gamers have been unable to buy a PS5 since its launch in November 2020. Sony has been unable to keep up with the demand for the PS5, leaving many budding customers without a current generation PlayStation console.

Whenever PS5 stock was available, it sold out almost immediately. Some users even resorted to buying from resellers as the console was not readily available in stores. These scalpers usually charge a premium, but that was probably easier than the usual methods of buying a new system. Now, fans are spotting more PS5 consoles in stores as it looks like supply issues might be coming to an end.


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Some Reddit users shared images showing stacks of PS5 consoles available at Walmart stores. The first post comes from a fan named SilverDutch132, who shares a photo sent by a friend who works at Walmart. Players may see multiple PS5s in stock, with one user claiming select Walmart stores received 12 consoles each last week. GameStop also has PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock according to another gamer, but they recommend fans call the store as the systems aren’t listed on the website.

A fan named Alarming-Try-386 claims to have received a photo on Discord that shows even more PS5 consoles in stock. While both releases feature the standard console edition, a bundle is also available with a Sony proprietary game from earlier this year. A user named ChrisEvans66 shared an image featuring several Forbidden Horizon West PS5 bundles available at a Walmart store. Fans should note that ChrisEvans66 mistakenly believes Sony is offering a $50 discount.

There have been other similar cases of fans spotting PS5 consoles in stores lately. A player found a unit of the PS5 Forbidden Horizon West bundle in Texas earlier this month, and other fans also shared images of the console on store shelves.

While these images don’t confirm that supply issues are a thing of the past, it looks like more gamers are having the option of purchasing a PS5 to play the latest games. PS5 owners have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and God of War Ragnarok launch relatively close to each other.

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