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soulstice is the latest game from Reply Game Studios and publisher Modus Games. This time they tackle the hack-and-slash genre with a unique twist. Inspired by manga and anime, especially Berserk and Claymore, the developers have created a whole new world where spirits and monsters are real. You play as the Chimera, Briar, who, after an unfortunate event, is spiritually linked to her lost sister, Lute. You need to go to Illden, a beautiful town where a huge teardrop of spiritual energy dominates the buildings. Briar and Lute, along with other Chimeras, are the only ones who can stop this supernatural threat.

One of the defining characteristics of soulstice is his emphasis on weapons. Throughout the game, you will unlock seven different weapons, which will also serve as your progression system. In the demo, I had the opportunity to test the whip, the two-handed sword and the short sword. Each felt very distinct from the others and felt like they served a specific purpose. For example, ghost enemies ran wild during the boss fight in our preview. These ghosts inflicted tremendous damage and stunned me. The two-handed sword was perfect for these enemies; they were taken care of after a few quick punches and stuns. Also, switching between these three weapons was quick. No un-equipment and re-equipment; just choose a direction on the D-pad. This all works well with the speed and fluidity of combat.

As for the progression system, instead of skill trees, you build these weapons to work for you. All you need to do is invest in weapon abilities that suit your playstyle. Leveling Lute was more like a traditional skill tree, with unlocks that improved offensive and defensive abilities . The strong point of this system is that the respeccing is completely free. Although the developers confirmed that it was possible to unlock each skill, it didn’t seem important because it was so easy to change skills.

Finally, the aesthetics of soulstice feels great. This game feels dark fantasy, and that goes through not just world building, but also enemy design and music. Similar to other 3D hack-and-slash games, the music is intense. When the music gets louder, the gameplay is more intense. It was like a mixture of fantasy and heavy rock, which doesn’t seem to work, but it does! But, I’m a sucker for a good string instrument used in anything but classical pieces.

soulstice tries to take the 3D hack-and-slash genre into a new framework. From my playing time with the game, I can tell you that it works. The combat is simplistic yet profound. The lack of restrictions on upgrades has the potential to let anyone play the game however they want. All with one ultimate message: gameplay comes first. Every feature and story element is designed around gameplay. After more refinement, I can’t wait to see how good the final product feels this fall.

soulstice will launch on September 20, 2022 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC.


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