Sony Removes Cyberpunk 2077 From PlayStation And Xbox Stores, Offers Refunds After Systems Crash


Sony’s The Cyberpunk 2077 video game just released this week and its developer CD Projekt Red is already making refunds.

According to CNN gaming, causes users a mountain of problems, including performance issues on Xbox One and Playstation consoles older than the newer, the PS5.

There are also reports of weird crashes and bugs on just about every platform it is on.

While some Twitter users walked through the game without any issues, many did not.

If you’re not happy with the game, Sony will issue a refund and here are the steps to get one: just use the “refund programs” on PlayStation and Xbox stores for digital copies, or go to their retailer. choice for reimbursement of a physical copy.

You can also contact the developer at [email protected] until December 21 for help getting your money back.

Sony plans to release the game once the issues are resolved.

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