Some stores started stocking physical Halo Infinite copies early on


While Halo Infinite doesn’t technically launch for a week or so, fans are starting to find physical copies of the game in stores early on.

Infinite Halo Physical Copy Early Release

Micosoft has had a very successful end of 2021 so far, even with the continuing hardware shortages of the Xbox Series X. Thanks to Game Pass as well as the dual release on the PC platform, exclusive titles like Forza Horizon 5 enjoyed unprecedented success after experiencing the biggest launch in Xbox and Game Pass history. Additionally, Game Pass continued to attract major games like Riders, Psychonauts 2, Back 4 Blood, and more.

However, Microsoft’s biggest win in 2021 will likely be Infinite halo. While the title suffered a significant delay last year, pushing it out of the Xbox Series X launch window, the extra development time seems to have been worth it. In fact, 343 Surprise Industries launched the free multiplayer component in the wake of Microsoft’s Xbox 20th anniversary big event, which quickly saw gamers flooding the service to start undermining. While fans are still eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Master Chief saga, some are getting their hands on it sooner than expected.


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Although the Infinite halo The campaign isn’t due to launch until December 8, with some fans already spotting physical copies appearing on store shelves much earlier than expected. Tweets began appearing online about gamers, with some having already received their pre-order copies from stores, holding the boxed game box. The Halo Polska Twitter account posted two images of them holding the box, showing the front and back of the box.

It’s unclear if the campaign is even live at this time, as most online oriented games need to activate servers first or at least wait for a day one patch before players can start progressing. However, the main concern for most people is the risk of potential spoilers ending up online, ruining the experience for those who cannot retrieve a copy of. Infinite halo or start playing from Game Pass until the actual launch date.

In reality, Infinite halo Campaign spoilers have already proven to be a problem before the game’s launch. While the game’s opening cinematic has already leaked to the web, many fans have been frustrated that some content creators have secured a early access to help build excitement and hype. Without NDAs indeed, this led to the creation of videos, some containing spoilers or other aspects that many players would prefer to experience on their own. At this point, there isn’t much you can do except try to avoid certain areas of the internet for the next week.

Infinite halo launches December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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