Shoppers rush to stores to spend Christmas gifts | WJHL


BRISTOL, Tennessee (WJHL) – While the December leading up to Christmas Day could be the busiest shopping time of the year, shopping after Christmas also draws crowds.

Thousands of people spent Boxing Day visiting Pinnacle stores, both redeeming gifts and using newly donated cash and cards.

“We’re here to buy Christmas stuff that we didn’t get for Christmas, but we have the money for it,” Naryah Wesley said.

Buyers said they were grateful for all the freebies they received this year.

“I have the new Xbox and I have two new pairs of shoes,” Wesley said. “Clothes, gift cards, I have a Fitbit watch, perfume, shower gel, a new bathrobe.”

“For Christmas I got Legos,” said Ryan Walker. “Lots of money so I like that, that’s pretty cool.”

Some shoppers were trying to create the perfect outfit to enjoy New Years Eve and the rest of their days off.

“Jeans, and like stuff I can wear at Arby’s Classic,” said customer Alona Logan.

For many, it’s not about the tangible items they get on vacation, but rather about being with the people they love.

“It’s just spending time with the family, you know, great food, great family, great memories,” Walker said. “That’s really all it is. Freebies are a bonus, but family really is all that matters.


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