Session gameplay trailer highlights the best community skate tricks


A new Session gameplay trailer has been released by Nacon and developer Crea-ture Studios, showcasing the best skateboarding tricks from the community.


The two-minute reel is the result of a skate competition where contestants submitted clips of their best skate moments, using the game’s tools to edit them.

Unlike the slightly more bombastic Skate series, or the arcade-y Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Session aims to be an authentic skateboard sim. Instead of chasing after high scores or earning infamy, the focus is on obsessively perfecting your best tricks and then sharing the results with others.

Session is still in Steam Early Access on PC and is also available on Xbox via Game Preview with a free trial for those who want a taste. Here is what skating simulation has to offer:

  • All the real sensations of skateboarding: realism, immersion and difficulty as when learning to skate… something to delight skate fans.
  • Innovative gameplay: With dual-stick controls, each stick represents one of your feet. You have to think about every movement to be able to manage and transfer your weight like in real life.
  • Official content which will continue to expand: currently, 4 pro skaters are available, and the game includes iconic clothing and skate brands that are real references for all skaters
  • Legendary places selected by game creators: Black Hubbas (New York), Brooklyn Banks (New York), 1:1 scale.
  • An ultra-complete video tool: because you need a video to prove that you have pulled off a perfect stunt, the game has an integrated video editor that includes different filters, several types of cameras and many more options that you can explore in the Game.

Thomas played the game a short time ago, sharing some first impressions:

“While the lack of structure and things to do is a little disappointing, Session’s replay editor and placeable elements system kept me thoroughly entertained as I combined the two to create lines and sequences interesting. You can place ramps, rails and other objects in the world, giving you additional tools to play around while creating lines, while a replay system lets you replay the last minute or so in real time or slowing down. The GIFs below were created using a replay editor mix of the game captured through my nVidia capture software.

Session in its current form is a preview of something special. The small amount of content on offer mixed with the game’s instability will put some off, but there’s plenty of fun and depth to be found in the fantastic hint system. I can’t wait to see not only where the development team takes Session, but also what the community will create and film in the months to come.

If you’re looking for another skateboarding game, be sure to check out its Skater XL review. Or, if you want something a little offbeat, there’s always OlliOlli World.

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