Seagate 512GB Xbox Series expansion card appears in stores – the clare people


At the end of last year, Microsoft finally launched the Xbox Series S and Series X, one of its main strengths being its SSD, which allows for much higher speed and faster game loading, as well as the Quick Resume feature, where you can instantly switch between games.

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The cheaper model brings 100 GB while the brother that supports 4K has 1 TB of internal storage space. Since many games are in the GB range today, with a few titles installed, the entire memory of the console can fill up. With that in mind, Microsoft has announced an expansion card slot with a proprietary connection, where more storage can be easily added while maintaining high speed.

Seagate announced last year, along with the consoles, a 1TB expansion card, much criticized for its high price. Rumors have been citing a new card for some time, with a lower price tag and less storage. Now screenshots show that this card is expected to arrive soon, bringing in 100GB of space.

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(Image: Jez Corden / Windows Central)

According to a quote from Windows Central, this new expansion card for GB’s Xbox Series S and Series X is expected to go on sale before the end of the year, with a good chance of being presented next week, as more. many stores have already received promotional material. for the product.

In addition to the new card, a 1TB external SSD is also expected to be announced, because although next-gen games cannot be run directly from external memory, the process of transferring to internal storage can again. be faster.

Unfortunately, there are still no details on pricing or availability, but the new expansion card is expected to have a more user-friendly end cost, presenting an attractive option, especially for Xbox Series S owners.

Source: Windows Central

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