Scam Wordle clones with ads and app store purchases


Copies of everyone’s favorite daily puzzle game, Wordle, are flocking to phone app stores, including versions that feature in-app purchases, ads, and aren’t free to download.

In contrast, the original Wordle is web-based and completely free, and its creator has previously said he hopes to never introduce advertising.

Last night the internet turned its fury on a self-proclaimed entrepreneur who bragged about how much money his own Wordle scam was making.

“That’s nonsense,” boasted the creator of the copier app. “#4 result for ‘wordle’ in the App Store. We’re going to the fucking moon.”

After going viral for all the wrong reasons, the user has since deleted their account.

Apple apparently also took notice and removed some (but not all) of the Wordle clones.

However, at the time of publication, there are at least three left on the iOS App Store, offering a range of payment options to unlock new tiers and remove advertising.

Josh Wardle, creator of real Wordle last week told BBC Radio 4 that he wanted the game to remain ad-free and available to everyone without paying a penny.

Wardle said he created the game simply to entertain himself and his wife, and did not expect it to become so popular.

“I don’t understand why something can’t just be fun,” Wardle concluded. “I don’t have to charge people money for this and ideally I would like that to continue.”


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