Sainsbury’s offers home delivery via Deliveroo in 300 stores


Customers at more than 300 Sainsbury’s stores can now order their home groceries easier than ever: via delivery specialist Deliveroo. The supermarket giant has confirmed it has added 65 stores to its partnership with Deliveroo, bringing the total number of stores involved in the popular Sainsbury’s-Deliveroo scheme to 336.

The program, which allows customers to order their purchases online or through the app and receive their delivery in 20 minutes or more, has now been extended to Winchester, Marlow, Barking, Loughborough, Watford and Lancaster stores and more, Grocery Gazette reported.

Matthew Roberts, Head of Digital Strategy at Sainsbury’s, said: “With more and more shoppers looking for convenient and affordable food and groceries from Sainsbury’s delivered to their doorstep, we are delighted to extend our partnering with Deliveroo in even more places, helping to make it as quick and easy as possible for our customers to shop with us.”

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The announcement comes as Sainsbury’s confirms it is working to significantly reduce its use of plastic packaging. Instead of a plastic bag wrapping bananas, bunches of bananas will be held together with a strip of paper in all Sainsbury’s stores from 22 May 2022. This will save 25 million single-use plastic bags, equivalent to 75 tonnes of plastic, the supermarket said.

Additionally, Sainsbury’s will further reduce its use of plastic across various ranges over the coming months. Among the plans, the chain will remove plastic lids from all of its salad and coleslaw lines and change its nut butter packaging to glass packaging, as well as upgrading bottles of double-strength fruit squash. in four-strength fruit squash bottles – meaning only a quarter of a typical serving should be used for a squash drink and helping each bottle last much longer than before. From June, Sainsbury’s will also reduce the use of plastic wrap in its grated cheese bags and on its dessert cheesecakes.


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