Russia: Microsoft suspends in-store sales


Apple is not the only giant to withdraw all its products from the Russian market in response to actions against Ukraine. Now, microsoft it also “suspends” all sales and services in Russia, and shuts down various “aspects” of its business in the Russian country to comply with US, UK and EU sanctions.

Microsoft Chairman Brad Smith announced the company’s decision on Friday as more Western companies cracked down Russia after the invasion Ukraine.

The move comes after Microsoft blocked several Russian outlets on its platforms and after Ukraine’s deputy prime minister asked the Bill Gates-founded company to shut down Russian Xbox accounts.

Microsoft blocks Russia

microsoft he saw that withdrawal from Russia was practically necessary. According to Smith, the company’s president, who expects these “concrete steps” have a great impact, and that little by little there will be “additional steps” depending on the development of events between Ukraine and Russia.

Bill Gatesthe founder of Microsoft, called the invasion of “unjustified, unprovoked and unlawful”He is also willing to identify and counter Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine.

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