Rise Of Nations Extended Edition preview on the Xbox Games Store


Rise Of Nations is an amazing masterpiece that is still a fresh memory in the minds of strategy connoisseurs. The game has held up over time, and the Extended Edition is selling like hotcakes. This title shook up the strategy genre when it arrived in the early 2000s. The game combined the best quirks of other strategy titles like turn-based strategy and added its own twists. The title mixes some of the concepts of Civilization with the overall gameplay of Age of Empires. Rise Of Nations features multiple civilizations alongside their respective abilities, and the Extended Edition complements the original features.

The Extended Edition has further enhanced the successful formula by adding Steam integration and Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, Twitch integration, and multiplayer with Elo ranked matches to the game. Although the Extended Edition is not never made it to console, recent rumor suggests the game could be making its way to Xbox. The game was recently spotted on the Xbox Store Spring Sale console edition. Although the title appears in the store, you cannot purchase it at this time – credit to the Twitter user Invader_1986 for spotting this enticing list.

However, we advise you to take the news with a grain of salt as Microsoft is prone to making these mistakes, as the recent appearance of Resident Evil Village on the Xbox Game Store turned out to be nothing but a mistake. Rise Of Nations Extended Edition was a huge hit and strategy enthusiasts enjoyed the revamped version of the original game. The title arriving on Xbox or consoles, in general, would not be surprising given the conquest of the title on PC in the strategy genre. The Extended Edition of Rise Of Nations belongs to Microsoft, after all.

Fans of the nostalgic title have been getting some hype, while others are desperate for a Rise Of Nations sequel. For most of us, myself included, Rise Of Nations is one of the first strategy games we got into before discovering the specific aftertaste of strategy. Rise Of Nations has set off a domino effect in the strategy genre that is felt even with the advent of the new decade.


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