Repair guide took too long to start error (0x8027025a) on Xbox console


If the Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One guide does not open on your console and you receive the The guide took too long to start error message with error code 0x8027025athen this article is meant to help you with the most adequate solutions that you can try to fix the problem on your gaming device.

The complete error message reads as follows-

Try Again

For some reason, Guide took too long to start. (0x8027025a)

Some console players have reported this issue after updating the console and have been unable to access anything other than this screen and cannot click on the Close or move the slider to the other options. Some other console gamers have reported experiencing the issue when trying to transfer games to hard drive or open certain games on Xbox.

What does the Xbox code 0x8027025a mean?

Xbox error code 0x8027025a or 8027025a can mean any of the following:

  • There is a temporary problem with the Xbox service.
  • The application did not load in the expected time.
  • There is a connection problem with your profile.

Guide took too long to start (0x8027025a) on Xbox

It is important to have access to the Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One guide because without access to the guide, users might not be able to see or track their achievements, co-stream with friends and family , or manage the activity stream and notifications. More so, console players will not be able to perform basic tasks like quitting the current game or application.

If the The guide took too long to start error code 0x8027025a occurred on your Xbox console, you can try our recommended solutions in the order listed below to resolve the issue on your gaming device.

  1. Restart your Xbox console
  2. Hard reset your Xbox console
  3. Factory reset your Xbox console

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved regarding each of the listed solutions.

1]Restart your Xbox console

Your first line of action to troubleshoot and repair the The guide took too long to start error code 0x8027025a that happened on your Xbox console, is to restart your Xbox console.

To manually restart your Xbox console, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds to turn off your console.
  • Unplug your Xbox from the mains.
  • Wait at least 30-60 seconds.
  • When the time is up, plug your Xbox back into the power outlet.
  • Now press the Xbox button on the console or the Xbox button on your controller to turn your console back on.

In case you don’t see the green boot animation when the console restarts, you can repeat these steps and make sure you hold down the power button until the console completely shuts down.

2]Hard reset your Xbox console

This solution requires a hard reset of the console. Proceed as follows:

  • Hold down the system power button for 10 seconds until the console turns off completely.
  • After the Xbox console completely shuts down, press and release the power button to turn the console back on.

Once the Xbox has finished restarting, the Guide feature should be accessible and working as expected.

3]Factory reset your Xbox console

Xbox Console Factory Reset

You can factory reset your Xbox console and see if the current problem will be fixed. When performing the factory reset operation, make sure to select the Reset and keep my games and apps option. After users log back into their Xbox account after factory reset, the guide should work as expected.

I hope this helps you!

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How to fix a game that takes too long to start?

To fix Xbox games taking too long to start on your gaming device, try the following suggestions:

  • Delete saved data and restart the app.
  • Restart the console.
  • Change region settings.
  • Reinstall problematic games.
  • Delete and re-add the Xbox profile.
  • Clear persistent storage.
  • Switch between Energy Save and Instant On.
  • Adjust network settings.

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FIFA 2022 not loading or working on PC or takes too long to start error can occur due to cache issues on your gaming device. Windows PC or Xbox console stores all kinds of temporary files in your cache, and these files should help you start your applications faster, but sometimes some files in your cache can get corrupted and cause this and many other errors to appear.

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