Rainbow Six Siege community wonders if PC and console should be balanced separately — SiegeGG


Rainbow Six Siege players on PC and console seem to have completely different experiences with the game.

A recent community poll on Facebook revealed a telling trend: PC gamers who responded liked the game’s balance, while the majority of console gamers rated the balance “terrible.”

This came as no surprise to the majority of the Rainbow Six Siege community. Many people who started out on console and then moved to PC noted that the experiences were very different.

On console, most Operators felt “useless”, with many competitive players feeling like they had to choose the best of the worst. On PC, almost all Operators feel powerful and punchy. One player noted that the balance changes he hated on Xbox were the ones he was grateful for when he started playing on PC.

Finka is the only operator to lose the almost perfect balance of the PC version. Many Rainbow Six Siege fans have expressed their frustration with the OP operator, explaining that her win rate is too high when she has an LMG.

Another complaint was about the maps in the game. While much of the discussion was about Operators, others pointed out that they were done with Operator balancing and wanted more maps. Although R6 has a fairly heavy card pool, it can still “get boring” for people who play the game for hours a day.

Not everyone agreed on all counts, of course. Some felt that Ubisoft chose balance over fun. While the PC version Is feeling like almost all Operators are viable (but not overly powerful), this left the game feeling a bit boring. According to some players, the perfect balance of Rainbow Six Siege on PC left the game lackluster.

Anyway, the PC is in a better state than the console. Many have wondered if the game should be balanced differently for PC and console, as it doesn’t seem like the updates are succeeding on Xbox and PlayStation. On the contrary, the console’s fanbase is getting smaller and smaller due to the frustrating gameplay and lackluster balancing.


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