Project Scarlett: Microsoft talks about the huge CPU boost of the next Xbox console


At Gamescom 2019, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, the current Xbox GM, spoke with OXM and explained a bit about the kind of CPU power gamers can expect from the company’s upcoming next-gen Xbox console, currently codenamed Project Scarlett.

“We’re happy with what we’ve done with Xbox One X, and the same team that built that is also building Project Scarlett. What we’re seeing today is a huge GPU upgrade – you can produce in 4K , many other benefits, a memory structure, etc,” Greenberg said before commenting on Scarlett’s potential CPU tiers. “For the next-gen, I think you’ll see a big CPU upgrade because we want ensure you have no compromise with frame rate. Yes, we can do 4K, but we can also do frame rates up to 120. I think that kind of capability will be something that people don’t see today. And then high-speed instant play using solid-state drives to enable instant resume, get into games, and be able to play by removing the load times and loading screens that exist today. It’s going to be a huge change.”

While the next Xbox console will have a more powerful CPU and GPU than the current Xbox One family of consoles isn’t much of a surprise, it’s interesting to see what kind of benchmarks Microsoft is aiming for in terms of gameplay and system features.

Confirmed detailed specs and an official name for Project Scarlett are expected to be revealed during E3 2020 with the console releasing sometime before the end of the year in Holiday 2020. It has currently been confirmed that the upcoming Xbox will actually have a physical disc drive and will also support all current Xbox One controllers. It won’t be Microsoft’s final console either.

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