Pinkbike Annual Community Survey Results: Who Are Pinkbike Readers?


Welcome to the annual Pinkbike Community Survey Results Series. Similar to our State of the Sport survey earlier in the year where we interviewed professional mountain bikers, we’ll use this week to break down the responses submitted to us to better understand the Pinkbike audience. In total, over 20,000 of you have responded to what we believe is the largest survey ever of leading mountain bikers. We will re-post the results of each key section daily and then perform a data dump at the end with all the information so that everyone has access to it.

A few caveats before you start:

1. This is only a survey of the Pinkbike audience. This is a huge community and many of you have completed the survey, but the results are not necessarily representative of all mountain bikers. In general, there is a bias towards English-speaking countries and generally experienced and committed riders. On top of that, even within the Pinkbike community there is a huge cohort of unresponsive users, so be careful not to extrapolate these results beyond what they represent – people. who responded to the survey. That said, we think they are nonetheless interesting to explore.

2. We rely on the honesty of the riders in the survey. The survey was conducted anonymously and we have no way of knowing if the runners answered the questions honestly. Having said that, we took their responses in good faith.

3. We learned a lot from this inaugural survey and understand that some of you were disappointed that it focused so heavily on the product. We’ve taken your feedback into account and will be looking to create a larger survey next year that will have your voice heard on everything from trail access and racing to standards and trends in the world. ‘industry.

That being said, let’s start with a few more general questions. What does the Pinkbike community look like and what are their driving habits? Is Pinkbike populated by spotty teens trying to swap a P1 frame for an XBox or galactic brain engineers able to spot faults in a bike’s linkage from a grainy cell phone photo taken under a truck ?

Well the truth is (ugh) the Pinkers are a very diverse bunch, from young to old, from seasoned mountain bikers to novices, from heavy mountain bikers to downhill riders and men to … well, mostly men to be honest. Let’s take a look at some of the questions we asked in the Pinkbike Audience Survey so you can all get to know each other better.

How old are Pinkbike readers?

Under 16: 5.34%
17-20: 6.06%
21-30: 17.73%
31-40: 29.22%

41-50: 24.68%
51-60: 11.82%
61-70: 3.73%
70+: – 0.66%

It’s encouraging to see how broad we have a age range on Pinkbike. More than half of survey respondents are between 31 and 50 years old, but almost a third of our audience is under 30 and around 15% are over 50. Hello also to the more than 100 over 70 years who are still tearing, we salute you!

What gender are Pinkbike readers?

Man: 94.57%
Female: 3,135
Non-binary: 0.34%

Transgender: 0.13%
Intersex: 0.05%

Interestingly, the demographics of the site as a whole are slowly moving towards a more female representation (Google Analytics says we’re 21% female and increasing), but most of the people who responded to this survey are male. We hope to see this change: We welcome all bikers and are working to diversify our content to make it interesting for all genres. If you don’t identify as a man, please know that you are always welcome here and we encourage you to check out our #PBWMN articles where we highlight the accomplishments of women and non-binary people.

How many years have you been actively involved in mountain biking?

Less than a year: 1.52%
1 year: 3.02%
2-3 years: 2.34%
4-6 years: 16.26%

7-10 years: 15.36%
11-15 years old: 14.92%
16-20 years: 11.18%
21 years and over: 27.05%

We were amazed to see that the largest cohort of runners had been involved in the sport for over 21 years, in fact more than half of the survey respondents had been riding for over 11 years – clearly you are all stranded freeriders just like most of us in the PB team! Also welcome to the 300 of you who only started mountain biking this year, you have gone for a hell of a ride!

On average, how often do you ride?

Everyday: 3.35%
4 to 6 times a week:19.81%
2-3 times a week: 48.04%
About once a week: 19.89%

2-3 times a month: 4.95%
About once a month: 1.15%
Not enough!: 2.8%

It’s great to see that over 90% of survey respondents are able to get out and ride at least once a week, with most of you going out multiple times a week. We are very jealous of the 700 of you who are able to find the time to ride every day.

Rank your preferred type of driving

1. (136587) Enduro / All Mountain
2. (133939) Track
3. (109325) Downhill
4. (97666) Downcountry
5. (96803) Freeride / Park
6. (95442) Cross country

7. (70802) Dirt Jump / Street / 4X
8. (70043) Gravel
9. (64014) Road
10. (58234) mountain biking
11. (54789) BMX
12. (53817) Fatbike

This question was a ranked choice, so we can’t give exact percentages of how this question arises, but in our score calculations it was unsurprisingly a two-horse race between enduro and hiking. It was great to see the descent still near the top in third. Downhill bikes may not sell, but it’s clear that it’s still a form of sport that many riders still enjoy.

Two young disciplines in the sport – downcountry and gravel – both occupy pretty high places and we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t have been so high if we had done this survey two years ago. We also liked seeing the cross country set so high. Pinkbike has its roots in the freeride scene, but we’ve been working hard to improve our XC coverage over the past few years and we’re so glad you like it.

How many bikes do you own? :

Nothing: 0.3%
1: 14.71%
2: 28.22%

3: 24.47%
4: 14.74%
5: 17.55%

Clearly, “one bike for everything” marketing is not working, as most of our respondents have more than one bike in their collection. The largest cohort of cyclists had 2 bikes, but more than half of you have 3 or more. Almost a fifth of you own more than five bikes. 60 of you don’t have a bike at all, I hope this is only due to supply chain issues and you can get by with a new ride soon!


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