Phil Spencer: The energy in the Xbox community is feeling good right now



Xbox boss Phil Spencer was pretty active on social media today after announcing Xbox Cloud Gaming was launching in a “limited beta” for PC and iOS, and he answered questions from various fans.

One of these questions centered on the “general feeling” of the Xbox team and Spencer’s happiness levels with “Xbox Game Pass sales and progress,” and the Xbox manager gave the following answer. :

Spencer also revealed other small tidbits in his responses, including that Xbox Cloud Gaming is still on the cards for the console (but not yet), and that PC versions of the games will eventually make their way to the service:

“One of the reasons we insist on cross-saving is that we don’t want players to have to decide which version of a cloud game to play unless they want to. just needs to grow with your account, so does the community. But PC games will. Come on, focus on console games now. “

This “energy” that Phil talks about is clearly evident to us, and the Xbox seems to be running at full speed right now. Hopefully this continues throughout 2021 and we can put more Xbox Series consoles back in stores soon!

What do you think of Spencer’s thinking on the “energy” of the Xbox community? Let us know below.



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