Phil Spencer spends “Zero Energy” on PlayStation Xbox Console Wars


Microsoft’s Xbox manager Phil Spencer said the company is focusing more on expanding the video game industry than competing with other platforms.

In an interview with EDGE magazine (via Video Games Chronicle), Spencer highlighted how Microsoft is promoting features like cross-play and cross-save as part of its push towards limitless play. He also mentioned that erecting “artificial barriers” does not help the industry to grow, apparently contradicting an earlier announcement where Microsoft said that certain Bethesda franchises, which have so far been cross-platform, will be exclusive. to Xbox and PC.

In response to a question about traditional console wars, Spencer said, “I don’t spend any energy on ‘how can I make other gaming rigs smaller so that the Xbox gets bigger,’ I’m more interested in the growing pie of the game that I got our piece of the pie by eating from someone else’s.

He added that this is why Microsoft has focused on things like the cross-play and cross-save functionality, stating that it is thinking of “those scenarios as to why you and I maybe can’t playing a game together, and it shouldn’t be because of the console you bought versus the console I bought.

While this feeling may sound good, it is also far from the truth. Since announcing its acquisition of Bethesda in 2020, Microsoft has revealed that The Elder Scrolls VI would be an Xbox and PC exclusive. Likewise, Bethesda Starfield will also be an Xbox exclusive – something for which Bethesda executive Pete Hines felt the need to apologize. Especially, Or I Developer Thomas Mahler pointed out this contradiction in a statement earlier this week and explained that Microsoft was “between a rock and a hard place”.

[Source: EDGE via VGC]


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