Nintendo Wii and DSi stores have been closed for days without explanation


Nintendo stopped selling DSi and Wii games in 2017 and 2019 respectively, but continued to allow users to download games they already own. Now both stores are completely offline without any explanation from the company, Eurogamer reported. If you try to select the Wii Shop Channel, you will only see a blank white screen and an error code – a situation that has persisted for about four days.

When these stores were initially closed, Nintendo said you could still download games purchased for an indefinite period. However, he warned that the servers would eventually be shut down completely, meaning people wouldn’t be able to download or transfer purchased games using the Wii System Transfer Tool.

Nintendo has kept these stores running for a long time (since 2006 in the case of the Wii), but people would be rightly upset if Nintendo cut off access without any warning. Many would no doubt have liked at least a few months’ notice to be able to download or transfer their games. However, the servers still seem to be up and running, as some people have found they can use third-party tools like NUSDownloader to access games.

Sony was recently forced to reverse its decision to close PS3 and Vita stores after a backlash from consumers. The situation isn’t quite the same for Nintendo, but that should probably provide some sort of explanation if stores don’t come back online soon.


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