Next-gen Pico 4 VR headset hits stores October 18 | The report


Earlier this year, Pico Interactive launched its Pico Neo 3 Link in the European market as part of a beta program – see our review here. Now, the VR headset developer has announced that the new Pico 4 will be released in South Korea, Japan, and Europe on October 18. The headset retails for €429. However, Pico Neo 3 link buyers are entitled to a 35% discount as promised.

“Anyone participating in the beta program, if another product comes from Pico within the next 12 months, they will be eligible for this discount,” said Leland Hedges, Managing Director of Pico Europe.

Pico 4 uses pancake lenses to allow for smaller panels with less space between lenses to deliver a slimmer and lighter design. The device also has a 105° diagonal field of view, seven degrees wider than its predecessor. The Pico 4’s per-eye LCD resolution is 2160×2160 with a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz. It also includes a 5K RGB camera for color pass, along with the four grayscale fisheye tracking cameras located in the front corners of the device.

The helmet has a battery on the back of the strap with a battery life of 3 to 3 hours. Additionally, the Pico 4 controllers have been redesigned to allow users to bring their hands closer together without the controllers bumping into each other.

Starting September 23, 2022, Neo 3 Link owners can pre-order the Pico 4. All other interested parties will be able to pre-order the devices in October.

Just Dance in virtual reality

Game exclusives can be a deciding factor for some gamers as to which device or system they purchase. Halo fans will choose Xbox over PlayStation, while God of War fans will likely choose the latter. Pico 4 has already announced its first exclusive, Just Dance VR, which will launch in 2023. Other games coming to the Pico 4 include The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution and Green Hell. The Pico 4 is compatible with SteamVR, allowing users to stream games from their PC wirelessly.


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