Next Fable Game gains a new narrative track


The next Fable Playground Games’ game has a new narrative lead working on it who is known for his work on games like Control, dishonored, and more. That new narrative lead is Anna Megill who announced the new job title on Friday in an updated Twitter bio alongside some of the other highlighted games we’ve worked on previously. Fable still doesn’t have a release date as of yet, however, it’s still unclear when, exactly, we’ll see the writing efforts of Megill and others come to fruition.

Megill shared the tweet below over the weekend to celebrate the new position within Playground Games. Prior to taking on the role of narrative lead, Megill announced in December 2020 (Going through PCGamesN) that she had joined Playground Games as a lead writer, so this latest job ad is a move within the company, as opposed to Megill bringing in from the outside to take over as narrative manager. It’s similar to what we saw recently when Walt Williams of Special operations: the line fame took over as narrative director on Marvel’s Wolverines.

Based on Megill’s past tweets about the game, it sure sounds like she was excited to get to work on it, so the move into narrative direction should hold promise for those looking forward to the game.

The fable holds a special place in my heart. It came out the year I started playing dev, and it’s the first game I’ve played with a dev’s eye,” Megill said earlier in her tweets when she announced for her first time joining Playground Games.”I loved understanding the how and why of my story choices and seeing the impact I had on the NPCs around me. But even so, I wasn’t sure if this new Fable was right for me. I was like “Is this gonna be just a bunch of medieval fart jokes?” But the vision of the team’s history reassured and excited me. It’s a PERFECT fit. I am excited to begin.”

Fable is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms, but we don’t know when that will happen.


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