New Xbox Console Update Rolling Out Today


A new console update for Xbox Series X and Series S is rolling out today with new features added to the system for players to experience.

From today, the monthly Xbox The update is rolling out for Xbox Series X/S consoles. The update brings new features to both current-gen Xbox consoles, including a fan-requested feature, and system updates to the Xbox mobile app and Xbox controller firmware.

This update follows exactly one month after The big Xbox console update for September. Last month, Xbox brought a full library view to the “My Games & Apps” window, allowed console owners to select storage locations for their games and apps, and improved noise cancellation in group voice chats.


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For Xbox Series X/S users, the much-requested “mute startup sounds” option is coming with this month’s update. To turn this feature on and off, go to system settings and navigate to the system volume and audio output menu additional options page. On the right side of the screen, under the Power & Startup column, the new mute option should be present after the console update is complete. Additionally, users will see new options to change Xbox console power mode configurations to their liking. In the power options menu, users can turn off or put the console to sleep whenever the console turns off. Additionally, options now have clarification text that explains what each option does for the console.

In addition to enabling or disabling startup sounds, Xbox users can now take advantage of HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC). This relatively new feature allows users to adjust their TV volume in the Xbox guide if their TV supports HDMI-CEC. To do this, press the Xbox button to bring up the guide, select audio and music, and there will be buttons to mute the sound and change the TV volume. As a result, users may jam or vibrate to their Apple Music playlists on their Xbox without having to reach for the TV remote control.

The Xbox mobile app for iOS and Android also saw an update, as a follow-up to last month’s quality of life changes. Clips can now be trimmed and trimmed for sharing in the mobile app. The Xbox Game Bar for Windows PC has also been updated to include clip sharing on Medal. Additionally, Xbox controllers have received a fix for flight sticks that connect to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and some bug fixes have been released for all current Xbox controllers. Finally, the Xbox Passkey and Guest Key options have been renamed to Xbox PIN and Xbox Guest PIN respectively. The full list of changes and fixes is now available on the Xbox website and social media pages.

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