New version of Microsoft Edge arrives for Xbox console users


Starting today, Xbox console users get the new version of the Chromiun-based Microsoft Edge web browser, now reaching Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X console users after six months of testing.

The experience they will get is quite similar to that offered by Microsoft Edge on desktops, although some elements may be missing compared to the possibilities that exist on desktops.

New possibilities, safer web browsing, and more

In this regard, although they gain the ability to sync history, bookmarks and more, and even this version of Microsoft’s web browser also offers keyboard and mouse support, making productivity tasks easier. , users will miss both extensions like developer mode.

The arrival of this new version will also allow users to use their consoles to access game services from competing companies, such as Google Stadia or Steam, although currently they cannot access Nvidia’s GeForce Now because In Currently, and for some unknown reason, Nvidia is blocking Edge browsers from accessing its cloud gaming platform.

Continuing with some specific issues, although users can access the web version of the Discord platform, they will currently have to be content to participate via text chat on the servers of their choice, as there is currently no support for the use of microphones.

Either way, the improvement that Xbox console users will receive with Microsoft Edge is quite significant.

According to Microsoft:

This update will bring you the best of the web, with improved web standards and a fast, safe and modern browsing experience right from your console.

Users will find everything they need to know about the new possibilities that the new version brings to their Xbox consoles through this support page.

This is one of the many new features that Microsoft has just introduced to Xbox console users. The rest of the news can be viewed via this link.


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