New PlayStation 5 model sold in stores


There have been a lot of rumors floating around in recent months about the PS5 Pro, AKA the bloated PS5 model we’ve all been waiting will happen at some point, although this has not been confirmed. Because, let’s face it, that makes sense, right? The Xbox One S and PS4 Pros of this world have taught us that given enough years, you can essentially guarantee that all consoles will receive an upgrade before the next generation arrives.

Check out this guy’s adorable reaction to receiving a PS5 as a gift from his family below.

Well, as Press Start reports, a brand new PS5 model has actually hit shelves in Australia, though you shouldn’t get too excited – it’s not the revamp that many gamers were expecting. There are new iterations of the Disc and Digital editions of the console (referred to as the CFI-1202A and CFI-1202B models respectively), which have been sold out in Australian stores over the past week.

So what’s the difference? So far, it looks like the only noticeable change is that the consoles both weigh less, for some reason. The Disc console is said to weigh 300 grams less than the latest model (600 grams less than the launch model) and weigh 3.9 kg in total, while the digital console is 200 grams lighter than the latest model (and 500 grams lighter than its launch edition) at 3.4 kg.

Chances are it looks like the internals of the consoles have undergone some kind of change, although at this time it’s unclear what these are, or if they will affect the actual performance of the systems. Otherwise, it looks like they’ll weigh less on the shelves, at the very least.


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