Never mind the terrifying new gameplay trailer, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s stores are run by cute cat ghosts


Ghostwire: Tokyo, the upcoming supernatural action-adventure game from Tango GameWorks and Bethesda Softworks, has a new in-depth video with our first in-depth look at gameplay.

The video shows Ghostwire: Tokyo protagonist Akito making his way through a dangerous and haunting vision of the titular metropolis, which has been zapped with humans and is now crawling with a variety of terrifying spirit entities. When fused with the spirit of a tough-talking detective called KK, Akito can use a variety of elemental powers collectively known as Ethereal Weave to dispatch enemies, but you’ll also have more traditional weapons like the Soft Bow that you see in the trailer.

The roughly 10-minute gameplay trailer shows plenty of combat, exploration, and cutscenes, but forget all that for a second. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Tango Gameworks Director Kenji Kimura subtly revealed the most important detail about Ghostwire: Tokyo: the shops where you buy and sell items are manned by cute yokai cats dressed in kimono. “These enterprising felines sell all kinds of wares, including food, talismans, arrows, and more,” Kimura says as our hearts melt. There are also “fuzzy” tanukis running around, and you can pet the dog. Tango Gameworks does it right.

In a post-show breakdown, some of the main creators talk all about Ghostwire: Tokyo’s history, its roots in Japanese folklore, why it’s kinda like strawberry shortcake, and what it would be like to meet a ghost. In addition to gameplay footage, the video is packed with new development ideas that paint a clearer-than-ever picture of the type of game Ghostwire: Tokyo really is.

Ghostwire: Tokyo launches March 25 on PS5 and PC, with release on other consoles slated for sometime after March 2023 due to a timed exclusivity deal with Sony.

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