Minecraft celebrates the Wild update with a special edition Xbox console


Minecraft’s savage update inspired a custom Xbox Series S, based on the terrifying Deep Dark biome and its unstoppable protector Warden.

To celebrate the Minecraft wild update, Xbox revealed an exclusive Deep Dark Xbox Series S bundle that resembles the terrifying Warden. The next update will expand Mojang’s survival simulator by adding mangroves, the terrifying Deep Dark biome and more. An Xbox Series X based on Top Gun: Maverick was recently revealed by Microsoft, and from Minecraft Deep Dark inspired another artistic console design.

First announced in October 2021, the Wild update will bring a variety of exciting new features to Minecraft. The expansion will flesh out the title’s swamp biomes by adding mangrove trees, frogs, mud blocks and more. Crossing the shallow waters of these mangroves will also be made easier with the addition of boats with built-in storage boxes. Along with the aerial biomes, the savage update will also add a terrifying new underground area for Minecraft amateurs to discover. The Deep Dark will contain valuable loot, but it will also be patrolled by an almost unstoppable monster called the Warden. The Deep Dark biome will also contain music discs, which will apparently shed some light on the origins of the tense region.


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To commemorate the Wild Update, Xbox (via Twitter) revealed a gorgeous custom Xbox Series S inspired by from Minecraft The Deep Dark biome and its protective guardian. The dark blue and green hues of the Special Edition system are a perfect match for the Subterranean Region’s Sculk substance, which feeds on death and can alert enemies to the player’s presence. Meanwhile, the back of the console resembles the creepy Guardian chest design, adding some tension to any gaming experience. Players can win this Xbox Series S, along with a Minecraft Edition gaming chair, by joining Microsoft Awards and participate in the raffle.

While the Wild Update has been expected since October, some Minecraft fans are less than thrilled with the state of the expansion. The removed features caused a backlash from Wild Update, with Mojang apparently failing to deliver several features originally intended to be included. Fireflies were meant to add ambiance to swamps and forests at night, but these immersive creatures have unfortunately been removed. Birches and other pre-existing trees Minecraft the biomes were also supposed to be overhauled in the Wild update, but unfortunately that idea was also dropped before the update was released.

The Wild Update will finally allow Minecraft enthusiasts explore the Deep Dark, and a custom Xbox Series S will let one lucky gamer do it in style. The console perfectly mirrors the color scheme of the Ancient Ruins from the Savage Update, and the terrifying design of the Warden’s Chest is printed directly on the system. A custom Minecraft the gaming chair is also included, making it Xbox sweepstakes a perfect opportunity for players to optimize their Deep Dark adventures.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Sources: Xbox/Twitter, Microsoft Awards

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