Microsoft’s xCloud service will allow old Xbox console users to play new games


In 2020, Microsoft announced its most anticipated Xbox Series X | S game consoles to the global market and the consoles have gained enormous popularity among the gaming community. The launch of the new console has made the previous generation consoles obsolete and owners of the consoles might not enjoy all the game titles available for the latter. To close this gap, Microsoft has announced that it will bring the xCloud game streaming service to older Xbox One consoles. This will allow gamers to enjoy new generation games even on older consoles. Let’s take a detailed look at how the streaming service will perform on the older generation Xbox.

Xbox + Bethesda E3 announcements

During the current E3 2021, Microsoft confirmed that next-gen games will be playable on its game streaming service from day one. This means that players with an active subscription will be able to enjoy the gaming experience of the next generation game titles on the day of the announcement. According to the company, this was the only way to make AAA game titles available for the previous generation console, as they won’t be launching for older consoles.

“Our growing family of 23 studios are dedicated to advancing the support we all love, so we were happy to share that until the end of the year you can expect back-to-back monthly releases on Xbox Game Pass. on the first day, ”the official blog read.

It appears that the company uses Xbox One consoles as a game streaming device similar to Android or iOS devices. It does not require high configuration and it allows gaming enthusiasts to play the next generation game even on their old consoles. The company has yet to reveal anything about the release of the xCloud service on the Xbox One console. We can expect the company to launch the services later this year.


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