Microsoft Update on Xbox Console Server Status


Xbox Live is temporarily unavailable today, with Microsoft providing the latest information on the Xbox console outage.

UPDATE: A new Xbox Live outage has been confirmed by Microsoft, affecting gamers trying to play games on June 13 in the UK. The tech giant’s latest server status update reads: “We are aware that some users may not be able to purchase or launch games at this time. Please stay tuned. listen for updates here or check our status page.

ORIGINAL: As reported by players, Xbox network connection issues started around 8:30pm BST and the same issues continue to affect players.

The good news is that the Microsoft support team is aware of the issues and is working to resolve them as soon as possible. The latest Xbox Live server status updates from Microsoft can be found below.

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Is Xbox Live down today?

Microsoft has confirmed that several basic online services are not working today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X users. This includes the ability to access games purchased from the Xbox Store, as well as cloud-related issues Gaming. It’s unclear what caused the current Xbox Live server state or how long it might last across all affected platforms.

However, with Microsoft aware of the issueschances are it will be fixed before the end of the day.

The latest messages and updates from Microsoft are available below:

Microsoft support page post posted at 8:45 p.m. BST“We are aware that some users may not be able to log in or launch games at this time. Please stay tuned for updates here, or check our status page.

Cloud Gaming Services Support Page Message“You may have trouble starting cloud games or be unexpectedly disconnected from a game after it starts. We’re working on a fix.

Xbox Basic Online Services support page message: “You may be having trouble playing your digital games at this time.”

Operational services according to Microsoft:

  • Scheduled Maintenance – Operational
  • Game Saves – Working
  • Game Management – ​​Operational
  • Game Performance – Operational
  • Disc Games – On the Go
  • Backward Compatibility – Working
  • Achievements and Gamerscore – On the Go
  • Stats and Leaderboards – In Place and Running
  • Limited gameplay – working

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