Microsoft testing making it easier to stream Xbox games to Twitch


Streaming games on Twitch on PC is pretty straightforward, unless you want to create a more complete user interface to overlay, but for the basics it’s really easy to get up and running. In fact, streaming from the PS5 is also relatively straightforward, but on the Xbox it’s a different story as it can be a bit more complicated to set up.

However, Microsoft has since announced that players in the Xbox Insider program will be able to take advantage of a new feature that they are testing. This new feature is called Console Live Streaming, and it makes it easier for users to stream games from their Xbox to Twitch.

According to Microsoft, “Insiders can try out live streaming on Twitch by going to the“ Capture & Share ”tab and choosing“ Live Stream. ”They will then need to link a Twitch account using a mobile device or the Using the console settings. Once the account is linked, click the “Go Live Now” button to start streaming the game on Twitch. This feature only streams the game so that viewers see a pause screen if the game is played. user accesses home or another application.

The feature is currently in testing, so those outside of the Insider program will not be able to take advantage of it. We don’t know when it will go live for all players and if the final version will be similar to the one they are testing, but if you are a streamer then this is a feature you can look forward to in the future. not so far away.

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