Microsoft patents technology that could allow Xbox games to read gamers’ emotions


Microsoft is filing a patent that will allow Xbox games to read player emotions through voice chat between two or more players.


Microsoft has filed a patent for technology that will allow Xbox games to read a player’s emotions. This technology will allow games to receive audio streams via voice chat when players engage in their favorite games in order to analyze the player’s emotional response to what is happening.

This Microsoft patent is the result of two major elements, including the expansion of voice chat in multiplayer games on Xbox. The other is that some of the repercussions of this expansion are that players are faced with overly aggressive or rude behavior. The patent notes that many of these rude and insulting responses can cause emotional damage, and the anonymity of online gaming makes it a complex issue.

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The patented technology will observe visual emotional signals in addition to audio characteristics. It uses voice characteristic models to analyze the audio streams of multi-user sessions. Emotional states that technology can track include anger, fear, disgust, and sadness. The emotion in a player’s voice can not only be analyzed in this way, but memorized for historical data in the future.

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Microsoft technology would detect neutral speech and create a speech profile around how an Xbox gamer reacts emotionally from there. It would analyze tone, voice variation, energy level and speech rate. Changes to these may indicate a player’s emotional response to what the patent calls the “virtual environment” that players communicate using voice chat.

The patent shows technology that will track a player’s emotional states beyond just observing reactions as they occur, but it also sets a reputation score for users based on their emotions. . It can detect specific vocal properties based on their consistency with predefined emotional states. It is currently unclear how Microsoft will use the data for the benefit of Xbox games.

The technology in this Microsoft patent uses trained machine learning algorithms to categorize the emotional response to an angry, scared, etc. game. As a result, this algorithm can learn to identify specific voice properties that are consistent across groups of various conversations. Beyond algorithms, a player will also have profile information that the new technology from Microsoft’s recent patent will also analyze.

According to the patent, a reputation score can be created for multiple users and determined by analyzing historical data. Reputation scores are based on a variety of factors, including complaints about a user profile, the number of other users whose user profiles are blocked, and the number of times the user profile has been suspended or banned. . This way, new Microsoft technology can easily identify a gamer who has a habit of getting angry while playing on Xbox.

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