Microsoft news recap: Xbox console prices won’t rise in response to Sony, two new Irish data centers pending, and more


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Microsoft promises not to raise the price of Xbox consoles in response to Sony

This week, Sony announced that it would raise the prices of its PlayStation 5 consoles in several regions outside of the United States. Following this, some wondered if Microsoft would follow suit with its Xbox consoles. But Microsoft has now confirmed that it currently has no plans to increase the prices of its Xbox Series consoles.

Microsoft plans to put two new Irish data centers on hold

Electricity supply problems in Ireland, leading to blackouts, lead the regulator to suspend permits to new data centres. Both Microsoft and Amazon are reportedly planning new data centers in the region, but these are now on hold.

Data Center in Ireland

Ubisoft+ could soon arrive on Xbox consoles

Ubisoft+ has been rumored to be on its way to Xbox for a while now, but so far little progress has been seen on that. But now ALumia_Italia posted a tweet with the Ubisoft+ logo on August 21. Although it may not seem like much, ALumia_Italia is generally reliable.

Microsoft and Tiktok parent ByteDance are collaborating on an AI project

A new collaboration between Microsoft and TikTok owner ByteDance has surfaced, as the two companies work on an AI project called KubeRay. KubeRay is designed to help organizations manage and run AI applications more effectively and efficiently


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