Microsoft is turning the Surface Duo into a portable Xbox console


It might seem a bit odd that of all the console manufacturers, at least the most modern ones, Microsoft is the only one that hasn’t released a handheld console. Sony had its PS Vita and its PSP, and Nintendo has its DS series and now the Switch series, but Microsoft has always been absent from the picture, at least until now, in a way.

In a recent update to the Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Android, Microsoft added full support for its dual-screen Android Surface Duo handset, where it can now double as a portable Xbox console. For those unfamiliar, the Xbox Cloud Gaming app basically allows gamers to stream Xbox games to their mobile devices.

By taking advantage of the Surface Duo’s dual display design, one screen can be used to show off gameplay while the other can act as a virtual game controller as you can see in the video above demonstrated by Tom Warren by The Verge. It’s actually pretty cool and if you ever needed a reason to buy the Surface Duo, this could be the one.

The Surface Duo’s hardware isn’t particularly exciting, except for the two screens, but that’s the beauty of cloud gaming, most of the work is done remotely, so all you really need is just a good internet connection.

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