Microsoft is reportedly working on official support for XB1 modding named “Xbox Community Content”


WindowsCentral got another scoop on Microsoft’s Xbox One plans. Last week was the partnership with Razer to bring official mouse and keyboard support to its console; this week they have share an internal report on the upcoming “Xbox Community Content” program, essentially an official way to bring modding to Xbox One.

According to this report, Xbox Community Content is expected to be available later this summer as an infrastructure designed for developers to support User Generated Content (UGC). It was reportedly sent in beta to Xbox devkits in March.

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Below are some of the features highlighted by the slides included in the report.

Multi-function approach

  • Provides service level storage for content
    • Upload and download support
  • Integrated catalog support
    • Find, browse and discover content
  • Additional moderation features
    • Quick response as well as lifecycle management
  • Social integration
    • Share mods with friends and followers
    • Notifications about updates or new mods in activity feeds

APl and services for Mod / UGC support

  • Flexibility to define what is “editable” in your game
  • Flexibility to define how content enters your game
  • Via Service – No packaging requirement
  • Execution of validation checks before provision
  • Support for the service-side catalog
  • Direct requests
  • Organized queries and channels
  • Metadata as part of the service – sharing, promotion, reviews

Of course, there are already a handful of mod-supporting games on Xbox One, mostly Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Special Edition. However, in this case, the developers were to come up with their own game-specific implementation, when it would be system-wide in a first for consoles. If this turns out to be correct and still goes as planned, an official reveal from Microsoft could be imminent, although it is curious that they did not talk about it during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing, as such a feature could have done. a big splash over there.


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