Microsoft gives the base numbers installed on the Xbox console


Microsoft has officially revealed the Xbox console platform’s full install base from 2021 as part of a new case against the UK’s Competition Markets Authority regulator.


The CMA, which is essentially the UK’s version of the FTC, is directly challenging the Microsoft-Activision merger. Now Microsoft has retaliated with a detailed 38-page document explain why the $70 billion merger with Activision should be approved. Although most of the information in the dossier is redacted, we do get some very interesting data regarding the consoles.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox console platform currently has an installed base of 63.7 million systems as of 2021. This excludes PC and mobile, which are now part of the Xbox ecosystem. PlayStation is “ahead of Xbox to all relevant extents,” says Microsoft.

Sony is the market leader in consoles and has been for over 20 years. Its PlayStation platform is ahead of Xbox in all relevant metrics (as is Nintendo).

  • PlayStation’s installed base of consoles (151.4 million in 2021) is more than double that of Xbox (63.7 million in 2021).
Microsoft donates 70 installed base numbers to the Xbox console |

Microsoft also notes that PlayStation has an installed base of 151.4 million systems. This figure does not correspond to the data provided by Sony regarding PS4 and PS5 deliveries.

As of December 31, 2021, the PS4 has shipped 117.1 million units, while the PS5 has shipped 17.3 million units. PS4 and PS5 shipments combined for this period are 134.4 million units. So where did Microsoft get the remaining 17 million units?

The only thing that makes sense is the inclusion of other active PlayStation hardware, which may include PlayStation VR, PlayStation 3, and even PlayStation Vita handhelds, all of which potentially are collectively categorized under the PlayStation hardware ecosystem.

It’s important to remember that Xbox numbers also include Xbox Series X/S sales.

Microsoft told Brazilian regulators CADE that the PlayStation 4 sold twice as many Xbox One consoles. A quick mathematical calculation showed that the The Xbox One platform had sold less than 58.6 million units worldwide.


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