Microsoft Game Pass update turns Surface Duo into a portable Xbox console


If you dreamed of having a portable Xbox console in your pocket, this new update to the Xbox Game Pass Beta app just might make it possible. Microsoft’s new update for its game subscription app adds support for dual-screen devices, making the Microsoft Surface Duo compatible. Yes, the Surface Duo will now let you play games with dedicated touchscreen controls in a new way Android gamers will love.

With such controls on offer, Surface Duo can provide the most seamless way to experience Xbox Game Pass on a mobile device, when the update is performed on the main Game Pass app. Currently, only in beta, the update is expected to roll into the main app soon.

If you’ve played Xbox Game Pass on your regular device, you’ll know that the touchscreen controls – which of course let you play without a controller or peripheral connected – consume a lot of screen space. With the new update for dual-screen devices, gamers can now run the game on one screen of the Surface Duo with conveniently placed touch controls on the second.

By separating the two screens, the Surface Duo can function as a Nintendo DS-style console for smooth gaming. Interestingly, some games, which support motion controls, will be able to take advantage of Surface Duo’s built-in gyroscope.

For example, if you were playing Gears 5 through Xbox Game Pass on the Surface Duo, you can navigate the environment by moving the handset. This nifty mobile gaming option is upon us and should roll out soon for Xbox Game Pass users with Surface Duo.


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