Microsoft accepting Bitcoin in Windows, Xbox stores


Microsoft is now accepting bitcoin for content purchased from Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox stores.

Users can add the digital currency to their Microsoft account, then redeem bitcoin to pay for apps, games, and other freebies.

At this point, buyers can only add bitcoin to a Microsoft account and use it to purchase digital products at certain Microsoft online stores; direct purchases using bitcoin are not yet supported.

Meanwhile, bitcoin added to a Microsoft account cannot be refunded, “so be sure to review your transaction before paying with your digital wallet,” Redmond warned in a statement. manual.

And while most bitcoin transactions need to be processed immediately, it’s possible that an issue could cause an issue, in which case Microsoft suggests users wait up to two hours before contacting support.

If you need to connect with the support team, remember to have your refund address, blockchain transaction ID / URL, and transaction details like the amount, date and address of dispatch and receipt.

Interest in bitcoin, an open source P2P digital currency, has increased this year, well after the first bitcoin was ‘mined’ in early 2009. As of March 2013, more than 10.5 million of the total 21 million bitcoins had been created.

According to the BBC, the cryptocurrency peaked in December 2013, when each coin was briefly worth over $ 1,100. Their value has since plummeted and each is now worth around $ 357.

Over the summer, Newegg and Dell began accepting bitcoin, joining Virgin Galactic, Overstock, TigerDirect, and Dish Network among the entities best known for authorizing digital currency. As the newest member of the club, Microsoft support is currently limited to the United States.

To learn more, see Everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Also check out Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the slideshow above.

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