Metal Max Xeno is leaving the NA and EU PlayStation Stores in August 2022; The JP version will be released later this month


Publisher NIS America has announced that their JRPG simulation, Metal Max Xeno, will not be available for purchase from the PlayStation Store on August 6, 2022, in both North America and Europe. Although no reasoning was given, this decision may have been due to copyright.

Additionally, the Japanese version of the title will be removed from PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita stores on June 30, 2022.. Thanks to Twitter user @rurounihenshin to share this information.

A new edition of the title, Metal Max Xeno Rebornrecently launched for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam by publisher PQube.

Metal Max Xeno Reborn tells the story of a young man named Talis. In a world that has turned into a desert, humanity struggles to survive against the forces of a mother computer called NOA. Even Asia’s largest metropolis, TOKIO, was turned to rubble under these attacks forcing mankind to run and hide.

Talis is now on a journey of revenge, looking for comrades who can help her bring down this powerful computer. Not only will you be able to get help from nine other characters, but you’ll also have a fighting dog called Pochi as your faithful companion.

Talis’ journey involves searching for tools that will aid in this battle. Characters can fight on foot or by using sturdy vehicles such as tanks, which lends impressive scale to battles. Along with the date announcement, PQube shared a new trailer showing off a bit of the gameplay, including this element, which is a tradition of the Metal Max series.

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