Merry Christmas from FULLSYNC! : A few words about the growth of our community


Merry Christmas / Yule / Hanukkah / your holiday celebration of choice!

It’s been another great year for games, despite the set… you know. I’m a little fed up with writing about this now, and I’m sure many of my friends and colleagues would agree. While it seems like most of the year so far has been totally dominated by a lack of PS5 and Xbox Series X, there have been plenty of games to play as we all patiently wait for the next step. of the impending apocalypse.

But it’s not about games. These are the people who play these games. Specifically, people who play and talk about these games on the FULLSYNC Discord server. I just wanted to extend a few festive words on FULL SYNCHRONIZATION and the community we have built over the past two years.

the FULL SYNCHRONIZATION community had a bit of a weird start, really. Originally, we used our Discord server to organize our contributors and share potential work opportunities. It wasn’t the “open to the public” type, and it was fine back then.

As an experiment, we have decided to switch to Guilded – think that the adoption of a platform at a relatively early stage could bear fruit in the end. We’ve been trying to achieve partner status with Guilded (which obviously didn’t work), but one thing has become painfully clear throughout our time with the platform. Things weren’t changing. All of Guilded’s promises were great, but the actual fruits of that promise were far, far away.

Guilded was an experiment in the two new media possibilities and manage a more open community that everyone can join. But it became apparent after a while that the server just wasn’t taking off the way we wanted it to.

Long story short, we went back to Discord, starting completely from zero. We made the server open to the public for the first time, and we thought that by doing that we would know for sure if it was Guilded holding our community back or, well, we.

Our community’s fortunes haven’t exactly turned around – if you look at it in terms of numbers. We are still a small, intimate community that has gotten to know each other well after months of being together. I even think some of us Like each other! Savage.

What We Learned About Growing Communities Through Giveaways

It seems like a pretty obvious lesson, but… don’t do it.

Twice now we’ve had big giveaways where one of the entry methods is to join our Guilded / Discord server. It doesn’t work in the long run. It’s a great way to fill your server with lurkers.

Another thing I’ve learned on a personal level is that even when it comes to free stuff, people are really, really lazy. Concrete example: I carried out an experiment with two gifts that we made this month. The first all you had to do was react to the announcement of the giveaway in Discord for a two-month shot of Game Pass Ultimate. There was a decent amount of entries – basically any that were active on the server.

The second was for a £ 20 Steam gift card. But this time, I asked people to send me a picture of a slice of bread for a chance to win. Only a small handful of people participated! Four in total. I wondered if I had totally overestimated the percentage of people who own bread.

It’s really just a tangent though. My main point is this:

FULL SYNCHRONIZATIONThe community is small and a bit quirky. We have a disproportionate number of Scandinavians and no one is quite sure why (note: if you participate in an Internet Secret Santa, chances are it is hosted by a Norwegian). Are we the biggest Discord server? Absolutely not. But having myself seen some of these servers in action (without naming any names), I have to say that size isn’t everything.

Our community is great (if not exactly PG at best). It was a pleasure to see new faces coming in and slowly becoming a big part of the server chemistry over time. All of this to say that we may not be the greatest, but we are funny, and that’s what matters. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to the newcomers who made FULLSYNC more than just an overly ambitious indie games site.

If you want to be part of it, you can join FULLSYNC here.

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