Medieval Engineers Community Edition revives a dead game with volunteer developers


Keen Software House announced Medieval Engineers Community Editiona new initiative that will allow volunteer developers to work on a game that ended development in 2020.

Medieval engineers is your old counterpart from Keen Software House Space engineers. Space engineers has had plenty of success over the years, releasing version 1.0 in 2019 and bringing cross-play to Xbox last year. Medieval engineershowever, had effectively halted development in 2020. Everything changes today with the new “Community Edition” initiative.

How Medieval Engineers Community Edition Will allow development to continue

First of all, Medieval Engineers Community Edition will focus on “enhancements, bug fixes, and quality of life changes” according to a lengthy blog post by Keen Software House Founder, CEO, and Creative Director Marek Rosa. Keen Software House won’t be doing the development, however – a team of volunteer developers from the game’s community will handle that work.

“Our long-term goal, and the goal of our volunteer developers, is to continue to expand the modding possibilities of Medieval Engineers while ensuring that the Community Edition remains stable,” reads the blog post. .

“We will continue to build partnerships between Keen Software House and our incredible community. It is through these relationships that projects like this are possible.”

Development of Medieval engineers originally discontinued due to the unfortunate realities of business. Space engineers was making enough money to warrant continued development and the same couldn’t be said for Medieval engineers. Given the choice, he decided to end the development of his medieval crafting sandbox game.

The move was not without criticism. Even today, the game continues to attract negative reviews on Steam due to reports of it being an unfinished and buggy mess. The new community initiative could serve to alleviate some of these problems in the short term. In the future, we could very well see new features develop for the game.

Volunteer staff will take on the active development role; Keen Software House will return in a support role for this initiative. You can register at Community Edition build on the Steam Betas tab, but you’ll need the game to play it – you can purchase Medieval engineers for PC via Steam for $9.99 or your regional equivalent.


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