Latest Xbox Console Update Adds New Game Accessibility Feature Tags


Microsoft has released a brand new update to the Xbox console that includes game accessibility feature tags, as well as additional accessibility features including color filters, audio settings, and more.

First off, this month’s console update introduces new and improved color filters to Xbox Series X | S, making it easier to play for gamers who are color blind or have color vision impairments. This feature works on current titles in the Xbox Game Catalog and will help future titles as well.

Evolution of the Xbox Console: From Xbox to Series X

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Color filters will allow players to customize the viewing experience to distinguish colors that might otherwise appear similar. The functionality can be found in the Settings> Accessibility> Color filters menu on Xbox consoles. Players can also turn filters on and off from the guide in Profile and System> Quick Settings without leaving the content while viewing.

Updated volume and audio output settings have also been added for all Xbox consoles, with options such as “Mute speaker sound when headset is connected” included as additional options, as well. as a new audio test and details screen. The volume and audio output settings have been reorganized to make it easier to access the relevant settings. To access it, players can go to Settings> Audio test and details.

The most notable addition is the accessibility feature tags in the Microsoft Store. Game developers can now “tag” their games with up to 20 common accessibility features used by the gaming community and people with disabilities, making it easier for gamers to find content. Tags include features like adjustable difficulty, custom volume controls, color options, and input remapping.

A host of other new accessibility features include a controller firmware update with better device connectivity and lower latency, as well as a new link sharing update coming soon to the Xbox mobile app. . Additionally, a new design for the Xbox Game Pass membership screen will now show players more details about what’s included in each version before they decide to buy.


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